Kinderfeets Balance Board
Kinderfeets Balance Board
Kinderfeets Balance Board
Kinderfeets Balance Board

Kinderfeets Balance Board

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Kinderboard - let their imagination run wild through innovative play

Is it a balance board, a bridge, a seesaw or a dollhouse? It's everything you can think of (and more)!

The Kinderfeets Kinderboard is a unique toy for open ended play that can keep your little one engaged for hours! This multi use toy is built on the classic principles of a Waldorf Classroom to help your kids develop balance and flexibility, grasp how their body really works and to fuel their creativity.

Supercharge playtime with the Kinderfeets Kinderboard

They can balance on it, spin it, push it or use it as a cool surface to sit on. Help them balance it against your sofa, and it's an indoor slide! Flip it over, and it's a bridge for their cars or a doll house. The Kinderboard challenges your children to think creatively, which in turn nurtures critical thinking.

Develop your child's motor skills and mental focus in a fun way

The pure act or balancing is a way to develop and grow the brain. The Kinderfeets Kinderboard offers unlimited opportunities for functional play that can help to develop muscle tone, strengthen muscles and fine tune your child's vestibular system. Organs in the vestibular system are innately responsible for a body's equilibrium, and a little boost with the Kinderfeets Kinderboard can definitely go a long way!

Plus, when they're engaged in functional play such as balancing, they learn how to keep their center of gravity aligned with their base of support. Now, this balancing act compels the right and left halves of their brain to communicate more effectively, improving sensory integration, cooperation, and neuromuscular communication for better mental focus.

A versatile toy that's eco friendly and safe

The Kinderfeets Kinderboard is a versatile balance board carefully crafted from FSC certified German beech wood and coated with eco friendly lacquers and polish for an elegant finish. Moreover, beech wood is super sturdy, which makes the balance board a sustainable and long lasting play option for your imaginative little ones!

You can join in too!

Wouldn't your kids love it if you engaged with them more during play time? Join your little ones in imaginative play and show off your own balancing skills - the board can be used by toddlers (18 months onwards) as well as adults and is built to support up to 220 kgs!

Just some of the features of the Kinderboard include:

  • Age: from 18 Mths to adult - Supports up to 220kgs!
  • Dimensions: 81x31.8x18 cm
  • Handmade from skillfully engineered FSC certified and sustainably sourced German Beech wood.
  • Tested and certified to European and Australian standards.
  • A variety of colour options - finished with a translucent, child-safe water-based lacquer.